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Naskah Drama The Legend Of Prambanan Temple

    The Legend Of Candi Prambanan merupakan kisah atau asal-usul dari terjadinya candi Prambanan. Berikut naskah drama The Legend Of Candi Prambanan.


            Once upon a time, there lived a woman and her son, his name is Bandung Bondowoso. They lived happily and peacely. One day, they talked together. Suddenly, Bandung Bondowoso asked something to his mother.

Bandung Bondowoso : Mom, do you not feel lonely if we just stay in this village?

Mother                                    :  Loneliness?! I’m not felt alone since I stay here, son.

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Bandung Bondowoso : Yeah.. Mom, maybe you want to marriage again? Because you still beautiful, and of

                                    course many man will fall in love with you.

Mother                                    : What are you talking about, son? I enjoy be a widow. So don’t be worry, please.

Bandung Bondowoso : Mom.. I want to ask you something but I’m afraid will make you angry.

Mother                                    : Why you should afraid of me, if you want ask a question to me?

Bandung Bondowoso : Actually, I want to know about my father, who is my father? Is he still a


Mother                                    : (just keep silent)

Bandung Bondowoso : Why you keep silent, do you angry with me?

Mother                                    : My son, it is the time you should know because you have adult, and I

  hope you will understand it.

Bandung Bandowoso : What is the matter mom?

Mother                                    : Your father is still a life and he is a noble.

Bandung Bondowoso : What? My father still a life? So, where is he now?

Mother                                    : He is at Telatah. If you want to meet your father, find him. But I can’t

  accompany you, son. Would you mean it?

Bandung Bandowoso : Yes mom, I understand.

Mother                                    : One more, (take something inside). Show this to your father, to make

  him believes on you that you are his son.

Bandung Bondowoso : OK, thank you mom. So, how about you if I go ?

Mother                                    : I will fine here. I bless you, son.

            After Bandung Bondowoso walks for a long time, finally he comes to Pengging Kingdom and he meet his father, his name is Prabu Damar Moyo. He is a great king, because he is too old to lead his kingdom, Pengging. So he give his throne to his son, Bandung Bondowoso. Now, Bandung Bondowoso to be a king of Pengging Kingdom. He want to expand his kingdom and unite his kingdom with the others kingdom. One of the kingdom, Prambanan lead by a giant king, his name is Prabu Baka. Prambanan will taked by Bandung Bondowoso. He prepare Pengging’s soldiers, guns, and enough foods to against Prambanan Kingdom.

Prabu Baka                  : Hey, Bandung, is not easy to take my kingdom. Prambanan is a big

  kingdom and I’m not agree if you mess my people. Step on my body


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Bandung Bondowoso : What? Step on your body? This is too easy for me.

Prabu Baka                  : Ok! Let’s fight now!

Bandung bondowoso  : With pleasure.

            Bandung Bondowoso and Prabu Baka fighting, and in the fighting Prabu Baka had been dead by Bandung’s sword. Knowing Prabu Baka death, Patih of Prambanan kingdom back to kingdom and tell to Prabu Baka’s daughter, Roro Jonggrang what happen with him. Roro Jonggrang has shocked and she sad after she hear will lost her father forever.

Next, Bandung Bondowoso come forward to Roro Jonggrang, he thought, who was the girl in front of him. Bandung Bondowoso thought that this girl was Prabu Baka mistress.

Bandung Bondowoso : What happen with you my sweet heart?

Roro Jonggrang           : Who are you? How dare are you come to my kingdom without


Bandung Bondowoso : Hahaha.. Who am I? You don’t know me? I am a King. I am Bandung Bondowoso.

Roro Jonggrang           : What? You are Bandung Bondowoso?!

Bandung Bondowoso : Yes, I am. You look so beautiful, will you marry me?

Roro Jonggrang           : What did you say? After you killed my father, you will marry me? It’s


Bandung Bondowoso : Why? I’m not too bad, I am so handsome. Why you don’t like me?

Roro Jonggrang           : Um.. Okey, if you want to marry me, I have a requirement. Make me

  1000 of temples in a night, if you success you will marry me.

Bandung Bondowoso : Hahaha.. Are you kidding? 1000 temples in a night? What will you do

  with 1000 temples? How if I make it 10 temples only?

Roro jonggrang           : No! I just want 1000 temples, just do it if you love me.

Bandung Bondowoso : OK. I’ll proof you if I really love you, I’ll make it in a night. I promise.

            Bandung Bondowoso with his magical power send for his Jin to help him make 1000 temples in a night. So they began to make tample. But, in another palace Roro Jonggrang so confused about it.

Roro Jonggrang           : How is it Dayang? Bandung Bondowoso will marry me if he can make

  1000 temples now.

Dayang                        : Of course, Kanjeng. He can do it because he has a magical power.

Roro Jonggrang           : So, what should I do? I won’t marry him. I don’t like him. And he made

  me lost my father.

Dayang                        : Um, but I haven’t idea, Kanjeng

Roro Jonggrang           : Nah! I have an idea. Please, make the other Dayang up, and as soon

  pound rice. We make as if morning come. So, the Jin think that morning

  will come soon. Of course they will escape.

Dayang                        : OK, that’s  good idea.

Roro Jonggrang           : Yah dayang, let’s do it now, don’t make it late!

Dayang                        : Of course.

            And then, Dayang ask the other to wake the woman up. It make noisy, the cock is crowing and the sun will shine.

Jin                                : Guys!! Look the sunshine. We have to go now, if we stay here our body

  will burn by sun. I don’t care about this work, we should go know. Let’s

  guys..we go.

  (Jin escape without think of the temples they make)

(the next day, at morning)

Bandung Bondowoso : Hei, Roro Jonggrang I have fulfill your requirement. So, will you marry


Roro Jonggrang           : Oh no! Wait a few minutes, I don’t believe you have finished 1000


Bandung Bondowoso : Are you not believed with me? Let’s see and account the temples.

Roro Jonggrang           : Ok, but remember with your promise, if the temples aren’t 1000. You

  can’t marry me, Bandung.

Bandung Bondowoso : OK

(Roro Jonggrang accounting)

Roro Jonggrang           : Sorry Bandung, you have made less one temple.

Bandung Bondowoso : Hah? Are you serious? You’re wrong, maybe.

Roro Jonggrang           : I have accounted it more than 10 times and I think the temples are only


Bandung Bondowoso : Um,okey one more temple again..I think I can make it for you after we


Roro Jonggrang           : No, Bandung. It’s not our agreement, you have failed Bandung, you can’t

  marry me. So, don’t come back to my kingdom anymore.

Bandung Bondowoso : After I make you 1000 temples, and this is your respond, Jonggrang?

Roro Jonggrang           : So what do you want? Say to me that you lose, Bandung.

Bandung bondowoso  : Jonggrang!! You make me angry. Ok, no problem I’m not married with

  you! But the temples less one and I think proper complete the temple is

  only you Jonggrang! Be a temple as my queen!

Roro Jonggroang         : Aaaaaaaa!!!! (be a temple)

            Finished! Finallly, Bandung Bondowoso have completed 1000 temples with Roro Jonggrang as the queen. Now, the temples often called as Candi Prambanan or Candi Sewu. And from this story we can conclude that the right people don’t  waste the person who loves us even though we didn’t love him or her.



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